I wanted to call

I trust you changed your number

Not that it surprises me

I’d scrape through the depths of my memory

To cut out our times together too, if I were you

But I had to write this letter

I wished to do you one better

It probably won’t matter

It may already not

I heard you say “I do”

The loudest cheer at the back

That was my last outcry

That was me refusing to hold my peace

Hoping that maybe…

Just in case you would recognize the voice you once lived for

Perhaps just the anguish it carried.


This letter is not to dig up fresh wounds

Lord knows, I could never wish you that misery

The love that over weighs my heart could never let me.

But you needed to know

I love another

Perhaps more than I do you

It’s for him that I write you

See the other day he told me he’d like to meet his dad…


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